The Art of Spring Cleaning


Old brooms

As the modern home became more enclosed with doors, windows and insulation, the need for spring cleaning became more enveloped to release and clear the old smells, scents and sights of the past winter.

In many western cultures, homes have become single family dwellings.  Gone is the forbearance of the family clan where many generations lived under one roof.  So there was much more need of cleaning, clearing and releasing.

This is not to say that we should not, “spring clean.” It is that many have forgotten its true origin, and importance.

The Spiritual Art of Spring Cleaning: 


When many generations reside in close quarters, the shedding of skin, dander, hair, clothing is much greater.  The older follies of cooking over a wood fire and fireplaces to keep the hearth going as well as candlelight for the need after dark, does not have the same need for clearing this out.

Spring cleaning is also a way to clear and rid the aura, spirit, body and mind.  In the still of the winter, the soul cycles for the dark waters to recede, meditate and allow the inner stillness to guide one for the next upcoming cycle.

Thus, we dawn the spring and re-growth of the soul as the world begins to renews itself; so, too does the soul.  The ancient rituals of long ago, knew of this.  The more modern “man” forgetting its truth.

As many awaken, they are beginning to feel the need to clear, clean and release.  This can come in the form of cleaning the home.  Eons ago, whatever wasn’t tacked down was removed “beat the rug,” is an old metaphor of truth.  Release that which needs released.

Some many say this is a Pagan ritual.  It is not only of the Pagan; it is even older than that.  True, High Priestess and High Priest performing the rituals for the village, the family clan.  A known tradition that was not written down, but taught.  It was modern man, who insisted written word, but as we all know to well written words can become altered.  Do you know a true High Priestess or High Priest?  Not from a religious affiliation, but one of the ancient; as they are nondenominational and know healing and love.

The olde cleaning rituals are not only to helpclear the space and cobwebs that may have crept in during the winter for the home; this is also for the soul.

Ancient Spring Cleaning Rituals: 

  • Open the windows and allow the fresh air to come and move the energies out.
  • Sweep away all of the dirt and debris.  Sorry modern machines only add to the pollution and create an EMF noise that detracts a true spring cleaning.
  • Wash walls, the floors and the windows.
  • Using a wet rag wipe the baseboard. 
  • Take rugs, drapes, curtain outside, shake, and set for the sunlight and Mother Nature to permeate their loving light and energies.

What kind of cleaning Supplies are Necessary: 

  • Cloth rags
  • Broom,  mop –natural materials are best (cotton and corn) and/or scrubbing-brush
  • Squeegee (streak free windows and mirrors)
  • Cleaning Solution: 1/4 Cup White Vinegar, 2 Cups Water (Bottled, alkaline, fresh-no modern chemicals) and dish soap (natural fresh fragrance (with 3 drops of rose, jasmine and lavender essentials oils)
  • Bowls of sea salt

How to clean: 

  • First: Declutter get rid of anything that is no longer serving you, taking up precious space and energy.  Donate, recycle, repurpose or just plain toss.  Get rid of those old magazines that some day you will read, the old bathroom items are past their expiration date.
  • Second: Remove curtains, drapes and rugs.  Shake and leave for the Sun and Mother Nature to work their magic.
  • Third: Clean top to bottom and in a circular manner.
  • Fourth: Turn on the tunes.  Music helps uplift spirits.
  • Fifth: Take your time.  If you are stressed, then these energies will remain.
  • Sixth, involve the whole family.  This is a wonderful family bonding moment.  (hint take a small lock on electronic plugs and remove once the work is complete) Plus, kids have wonderful uplifting energies and can help make a game and play this helps the work go faster.
  • Lastly, when you are complete.  Say a special home clearing mantra.  Please bless our home with happiness, joy, peace and love.  

Tips: Use old towels and sheets to set down on the floor. This will help for an easier clean up.  You can toss these in the wash for another time.

If you are interested in scheduling a Home Energy Clearing/Reiki Session with me or learning how to complete this on your own through a Clearing the Home course in more in-depth manner.

Oodles of Love All, 


Natasha Botkin Magical Blessings Healing Center

Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling Author and Artist. She uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  please contact me at  Magical Blessings Healing Center       


23 thoughts on “The Art of Spring Cleaning

  1. Andrea says:

    Someone is here putting in new flooring. I’m not sure how working on one room can make the whole house look like a bomb went off but…. I needed this today. I will use the workers’ chaos as an opportunity to clean and simplify. Namaste.

  2. Lea Tran says:

    Wonderful tips on spring cleaning, Natasha. I like the idea of using essential oils. I also like the idea of bringing rugs and curtains outside for mother nature to cleanse 🙂

  3. Melissa Rapoport says:

    Love this article, Natasha! I’ve been making my own cleaning products for years to reduce the toxic exposure to chemicals in my home. Your Spring Clean provides an opportunity to be mindful, use our senses and reconnect to the beauty of our home. Thank you. I will happily share this with my family and clients.

  4. Alexis says:

    I love space clearing (which spring cleaning totally is!). I always find my spirit is renewed and refreshed when I go through a complete clean of a room. Thanks for this detailed reminder to maintain the practice!

  5. Vatsala Shukla says:

    I love your tips for a real spiritual spring cleaning, Natasha. I often burn camphor in a receptacle after I have done my share of cleaning to remove any negativity that I might have missed. Interestingly, I know when my space has been restored to its sacredness from the smell of camphor. If the task hasn’t been done properly, there won’t be any camphor smell no matter how long I burn it.

  6. Peggy says:

    Your timing is perfect. And so is my timing to read this! Yesterday I chose one room to spring clean – my bathroom. I opened the window, I cleared the clutter from my makeup shelf and the sink area. I scrubbed everything down, including the doors, baseboards, and the window sill.

    On to the next room!

  7. Beverley Golden says:

    Enjoyed your spring cleaning post Natasha! Love the aspects of ritual and the history you shared. My daughter and I have been de-cluttering and cleaning since the first inkling of spring here in Toronto. For me, this time of year is filled with rebirth and renewal and it “asks” me to honour the new things on their way, by letting go of the things that no longer serve. We use sage to clear any stagnant energy as well. Lots of tips you shared I will be adding to my ongoing spring cleaning, as we had a blast of unexpected winter in early April, and are about to resume the process. Many thanks!

  8. Roslyn Tanner Evans says:

    What I loved most was reading the historical background about spring cleaning. Your description of how to clean makes it seem enjoyable and not a dreaded task. I recently told my hubby I intend to scrub the kitchen floor as the swifter has not been doing a good job. He agreed to work with me. I will make sure we have music on.

  9. Joy says:

    I love the practice of Spring cleaning, especially to ready for the energy of the equinox and New Moon. Cleaning is part of my daily spiritual practice, so Spring cleaning isn’t a huge process for me as it can be for many. In general, I understand when I clean, I open space for possibility, and also refresh and set the energy in my space. I love your ‘how to clean’ suggestions and home clearing mantra – thank you!!

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