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Reclaiming Your Power

In my previous blog Unclearing the Path of the Past, I am describing a defining moment of releasing the past. In one moment I mention that I was held by the shame and guilt of a mistake. It is not easy for me to stand here and make this statement:

I am a survivor of Domestic Violence.

The mistake that held me hostage–is me.


How could this be true?

Awwww, but it is. It took me 8 years to admit that I am a survivor of DV. It was a secret, a hidden secret. Shhh, “no one is to know, they will think less of me” is what my negative mental chatter would preach to me over and over. This helped keep me away from my power, and any attempt to be in my power would placate the essence of the hidden notion, and this created a way to dull my sparkle.

Years had passed, and few knew of this facet. A co-worker sees me crying, “Honey, what is wrong?” I screwed up, I was so scared of what had previously happened to me, that I sent what is my true love (not abusive love) away from me. It was the last thing I desired, and when I tried to apologize, the hurt I saw in his eyes bore deep into my soul. I deserve to have a real love, and yet those voices told me that I did not. This even kept me in an unhealthy work situation. All because of the mistaken shame and guilt that was dulling my shine, and the preconceived notion that people often rant, “What’s wrong with her,She could just leave.” Society’s judgmental notion of my greatest fear:

I have no voice, and I am unvaluable.  

I was hiding, from the shame and guilt of the DV, and yet I am a strong, intelligent woman; how could this possibly happen to me. They will think less of me. This began my dark secret and when I sent my Beloved away, I went into a darker state of being.  They can’t know: They will think less of me. A rant of my fears of a family who told me to sit down and shut up, I have nothing to say, and one day I did.  The Sound of my silence lessening my voice, my worth.  I was the good girl and did as I was told; I surrendered to the ill ways of the fear.  

My heart & soul calling out for me to Dive Deep, “Go deeper than ever before: go to the nucleus.” Dive I did, and when I rose to the surface, what was shown was beyond anything that I have ever seen. So, many past lives danced in front of me showing me where the lies of confusion began; all of these creating an entagnled & intertwined state of being. Forgiveness for all and especially forgiveness towards myself. I am stepping into another light, another state of being. They helped show me that others would benefit?  Once I saw it in that manner; it was too selfish to keep to myself.

This needs to shine in our world!

I am able to feel My inner peace and power.

the serenity of divine grace pulsing through my heart and soul: my true authentic voice returning to this manner of God’s Soul deep within me; I am one with he. 

I am able to forgive me; By forgiving me, the ultimate healing began

I am free.

I have the most magnificent voice.  

Most of all

I am valuable.


I was divinely called to create the program Shine Your Power.  We go on the most incredible journey of capturing the ego story. Then we will release this in a gentle manner, and finalize your healing with a wonderful way to reclaim your power.

 Yes!  Shine Your Power program.

You do not have to be a DV survivor to be provided the benefits and healing.  There are so many things that can dull one’s sparkle: any relationship, unhealthy work environments, society and so forth.  Everyone deserves to sparkle and shine,   to be in their true authentic power, and to know their inner power in a divinely graceful manner of a deep inner peace.

Let me guide you into your brightest Beaming State of being.    

Oodles of Love  and Magical Blessings, 


Natasha Botkin Magical Blessings Healing Center

Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling Author, Artist, Shiny Gold Star Quest creator.  She uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing anxious patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me: Magical Blessings Healing Center

29 thoughts on “Reclaiming Your Power

  1. Kelley Grimes says:

    Natasha this is such a powerful piece of healing through exposing your shame and transforming it into empowerment and love. My first intimate relationship was abusive and I believed that there was something wrong with me if someone who said he loved me so much would treat me so badly. That experience and my healing has been the catalyst for my work as a counselor in my own business and in the many nonprofits serving women reclaiming their lives after domestic violence. I work with a fabulous organization called Leap to Success where we educate and empower women overcoming domestic violence and homelessness with personal and leadership development so they can reach their greatest potential. It is an honor and an inspiration to see the transformation as each woman recognizes her own power, strength and courage. Thank you for sharing your truth with us. I honor you and your healing ! Sending you so much love and gratitude, Kelley

  2. Lisa Hutchison says:

    Natasha, I love that you are shining your light out into the word by sharing your personal experience! I believe you will help many others reclaim their power through your program. Many Blessings Lisa xx

  3. Mihaela Lica Butler says:

    I admire your strength a lot, Natasha. I too, am a survivor of sorts, and it took me years to heal. Yet sometimes, the memories of the past come back so strong I feel I suffocate. Still knowing that I am not alone (or the only one) helps me cope – understanding is key to healing too, at least for me.

    • mbhc12 says:

      Oh Mihaela, you are not alone amd are so brave to share this with me..thank you so much I see and honor your journey..xoxo

  4. Bryna Rene Haynes says:

    Wow. What a powerful statement you’ve made, Natasha!

    I don’t share my story often, but I too endured emotional trauma and threats of physical violence in a prior relationship. (To be clear, he never hit me: the violence was always against inanimate objects, but I was always walking on a wire.)

    After I finally left, I had to unravel my real, empowered being from all the awful things I’d been told about myself. I had to ask, “What would a person have to believe about herself to think that kind of abuse was acceptable?”

    That question brought me to some hard truths, and there are still days when I struggle with being vulnerable and allowing myself to be seen. Even with my husband – who is quite possibly the most loving soul in the entire world, and who supports me with every fiber of his being – I have a hard time letting those barriers down, crying in front of him, or sharing my deepest and most vulnerable fears. Thankfully, that’s getting easier with practice (and his unending patience).

    You are worthy of being seen, Natasha. You are worthy of being valued. And most of all, you are worthy of LOVE. Keep sharing your soul, sister. Your own light will show you the way.

    • mbhc12 says:

      Bryna, thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I feel so honored!! May you find your space that you need. So happy that you have a wonderful husband who allows you what you need. Thanks for the love. Much love to you 💖

  5. Vatsala Shukla says:

    It takes courage to share vulnerability Natasha, especially when the ones we thought would stand with us prefer to shove it under the carpet. Domestic violence exists in every country and part of the world. I admire your strength and Will to survive and serve as a beacon of light to others.

    More power to you and your work.

  6. Roslyn Tanner Evans says:

    One day a friend said to me, “Show your vulnerability”. I looked at her and thought, why? Over time I have, as I’ve worked thru my issues, how I was raised, the man I thought I had to stay married to, my insecurities in parenting. I knew I had to be in a helping profession, to give back, to pass along some of my wisdom, but I couldn’t come close to anything that resembled me. So I became a career counselor and made a difference in very specific ways.
    I’m living out the remainder of my life expressing myself creatively making beaded jewelry, blogging & communicating with others I may never meet in person. I am receiving the unconditional love & support I never knew existed from a man who chose me despite my resistance. When I read your blogs, Rebas & others in her self-love group, I am touched by words I have not written or shared. In its way, it continues to heal me & affirms my growth & path in life.

    • mbhc12 says:

      Wow your words are so touching
      Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I honor and respect your strength in writing your words as you did. Xoxo

  7. Beverley Golden says:

    How courageous a journey you have been on, Natasha. And the greatest gift, is that you are open and willing to share it with the world, coming from a place of pure intention to help others. This is what we all are here to do and once we “see” it for ourselves, we become unstoppable. Thank you so much for this vulnerable and soulful post!

  8. Reba Linker says:

    Beautiful, Natasha. I’ve been there, too, not DV, but the shame and hiding. Congratulations on stepping into the light, being the radiant light that you are! xo, Reba

  9. Julia says:

    Natasha, what a powerful story to share. One that I relate to have being in verbally abusive relationships both personally and at work, and also physically threatened on occasion though thankfully I did not suffer to the extent that a lot of women have. I know the sense of shame you talk about and I’m so glad that you have found such healing and are a catalyst for change in the world, helping other women to reclaim their power. Much love to you and your journey xox

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