Chakra Wellness Meditation

Welcome to the Whimsical and Magical World of Wellness.

“Anything is magically possible!” – Natasha Botkin MSc.Ed.Rm.

Chakra Wellness Meditation Whisicmal MagicalBe prepared to be whisked away with Unicorn energy and the energy healings of Spiritual Healer Natasha Botkin MSc.Ed.Rm.

You will be transformed by using:

– Sound Healing

– Positive Chakra Vibrational Energy

– Positive Affirmations

– Crystal Energy

You will clear, cleanse and remove negative vibrational energies that may be stuck or blocking you.

Use this meditation anytime you feel stuck, bogged down or doomed.

This meditation will leave you feeling all shiny, rejuvenated and new.

Oodles of Love,

**Medical disclaimer: This is in no way a medical treatment. Please seek medical assistance if you feel depressed or suicidal.
** This is a one time digital file purchase.
** Purchaser is satisfied at their own risk