21 Days Positive Affirmation Discovery

By  Natasha Botkin 

Gate to God's GardenIn the last few blogs, I’ve brought forward the discussion of projection and positive mindfulness. Let us be projections and projectors of love to me, to you, to we.  As we are all beautifully interconnected.

I was going through a deep healing from my divinely chosen dangerous assignment, and ladled with a deep darkness that seemed unrelenting.  During this time, I knew that I needed to create a more positive mindset, but no matter what I was choosing, it was not working.

Then, it was like the divine looked down and said, “A-ha our dear girl needs help, she can succeed.” WIth that I went on a personal discovery,  created and  found my way back to the light. Out of this moment and discovery is the 21 Days Positive Affirmations Discovery that unfolded for me.

This is an e-course that heralds writing, photography, nature, meditations and a step by step manner to help one walk with their illuminating heart and soul by releasing the negative energies, patterns and blocks that may stand in your way.

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Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings Each and Every Dear Heart, 


Rock on Crystals of the World

By Natasha Botkin 

Atlantis Crystal Pyramid

I work with very special, unique students and many are crystal children.  Sadly, they are quite misunderstood.  Trying so hard to fit into a mold that society has deemed necessary to be “normal/ neuro-typical.” It is completely unfair to be expected to fit into society’s cavity, when crystal souls are closer to what is the ideation of the divine.

The newest addition to my realm, reminded me of the daunting task of trying to fit in.  Again a misunderstood individual being made to believe that this individual is aloof. During a meeting with me, I said to this student, “I am not like any teacher that you have ever met or will meet.” The student smiled and whole heartedly agreed.  This put a beautiful smile on this student’s face, creating a sense of much-needed comfort. Our conversation evolved to what would help this dear one be more successful, and how I can help support this beautiful journey.  This wonderful conversation, ending with, “Rock on Ms. B!”

This student loves rock music, and after our discussion the first song on my playlist that played over my lil soul’s audio speakers was “We Will Rock You.”  I pleasantly smiled and enjoyed this grace filled moment and allowed the download to begin.  The wisdom pouring into my heart center in a most auspicious manner.

Which made me glance at my rear view mirror making me beam with even more joy!  Hanging from my rear view mirror is an angel surrounded by various crystals.  In a most wonderful manner, I went home to my two beautiful crystals. I walked through the door smiling at them, being gracious to be blessed with their presence!

Crystal children adore crystals. My oldest son has his own special collection in his loft area, and yet he is in the main living area of the house sitting beside crystals in the home.  My youngest son also lying right next to the area.  What are they listening to, but a parody by Weird Al in lieu of rock music.

Again a smile crosses my face; crystal children and their crystals and the music that fuels their dear sweet souls.

In lieu of all of these marvelous, wonderous souls.  May you “Rock On” or “Crystal On” while fueling your soul with delightful music.

Much Love and Light!

Magical Blessings, Natasha