In the Wisdom of the Snapdragon


I am enjoying a quiet, peaceful moment in my garden.  The songbirds in full melodic harmony.  I glance up from my writing, and smile at the resilience of this beautiful snapdragon.  Shhhh, please do not say to this snapdragon that it is an annual.  I do not recall how long I have had this gorgeous plant.  This elegance defies the oddity of the norm.  I completely adore the resilience of this flowering beauty.  I find in this plant a dynamic harmony, to not give up, stand out and to be one with myself.  This is wonderful wisdom to be shown.

As part of my gifts, I am one with nature, and flowers help me to heal as well as heal others.  So, for this beauty proudly standing up and saying, I am here for you dear is deliciousness in the most wonderful way.


Snapdragon Widsom

From a flower therapy stand point: the healing meaning is releasing anger, healing one’s voice, communication with an enhancement of loving words.  The incredible message brings forth from the most loving manner via faeiries, angels and the divine.  After all it is all about love and love communication.

The snapdragon is a gentle reminder of the vitality of life.  That no matter what one says about you, feels about you; that is their opinion and belief; this does not make you, you.  Stand proud and tall and be the love that you are.

I’ve watched this particular plant weather through many storms: literally and figuratively. Together we have walked in manners that others have questioned; you are not like, we.  Okay, your problem, not mine.  I, will take this lovely advice from the Snapdragon: Stand proud and tall while communicating in a loving manner. What others say is their words, and their words may not herald the truth.

Thank you dear faeries, angels and the divine for allowing me to share in this beautiful wisdom.

May you too, proudly stand tall and be the beauty that you are voicing from a place of love. 

Oodles of Love & Magical Blessings, 



Believe in You Natasha Botkin Magical BlessingsNatasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling Author and Artist.  She uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me Magical Blessings Healing Center

Flea Symbolism

Flea Symbolism

Royalty Free Snapshot

Flea Symbolism can bring On egads!

Why is she talking about those nasty little critters. They are a menace, hurt like the dickens & are tough to get rid of!  Just ask my older son who they seem to love; he must have something that is just beyond tasty about him.

The seriousness to all of this is why they showed up and what does this mean.  In my area, the heat has been non stop without much reprieve for months and no rain.  So, it is the “perfect” breeding conditions for them.  Enter a certain feline who seems to be Houdini, as  I cannot find any on him; now we are off to the races.  At first, it felt like that secret shhh, “I do not wish anyone to know.” Then upon my trip to the store or rather stores, I found out how bad the fleas have populated in our area.

Once I got over the irritation, I sat down with my soul and said, “Alright they are here for a reason.  Spill it please.”

Flea Symbolism: 

  • Quick Mobility- They can jump 200 times their body size.  It’s time to take that big leap.
  • Powerful- They little bodies are difficult to crush.  This brings forth inner power and self-preservation.
  • Protection- Again their bodies are difficult to crush.  This shows that you are protected more than you believe.
  • Resilience- They do not seem to go away.  It is another way to say that you are more able to handle a circumstance more than you realize and that you have the protective strength and resilience to do so.
  • Self-esteem- Who likes these bugs?  Not many and they face harsh criticism and they are reminding you it is okay, just shake it off; nothing can crush you if your center core is strong.
  • Be Open and Trust- You got this, so be open, honest and trust you!  Do not underestimate yourself, your power and your ability to leap after a set back or a mistake.  Pick yourself  up, dust yourself off and keep going.


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21 Days Positive Affirmation Discovery

By  Natasha Botkin 

Gate to God's GardenIn the last few blogs, I’ve brought forward the discussion of projection and positive mindfulness. Let us be projections and projectors of love to me, to you, to we.  As we are all beautifully interconnected.

I was going through a deep healing from my divinely chosen dangerous assignment, and ladled with a deep darkness that seemed unrelenting.  During this time, I knew that I needed to create a more positive mindset, but no matter what I was choosing, it was not working.

Then, it was like the divine looked down and said, “A-ha our dear girl needs help, she can succeed.” WIth that I went on a personal discovery,  created and  found my way back to the light. Out of this moment and discovery is the 21 Days Positive Affirmations Discovery that unfolded for me.

This is an e-course that heralds writing, photography, nature, meditations and a step by step manner to help one walk with their illuminating heart and soul by releasing the negative energies, patterns and blocks that may stand in your way.

Click on the link to begin the step to discovering your radiance.

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Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings Each and Every Dear Heart,