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Why You Should Revel in Your Headstrong Daughter

Recently I witnessed why You should revel in your headstrong daughter:

The farmer had pre-made 1 pound batches that I was not interested in; and as I was awaiting for an answer from the farmer, her daughter stepped in, “Aww, Mom really sometimes, the customer is right; she just wants half a pound of asparagus; money is money and if we do this, she’ll remember and come back; we need good costumers.”  This young lady is about 16 years old; some of the more mature ladies were off put by her statement.

A few moments later, I encounter a “headstrong” female toddler who wanted to bounce her ball to see how high it went. As I tried to stop the ball from rolling into the street, her parents stood looking on in an embarrassed state. I smiled and said, “Please do me a huge favor; love her strength and independence; she is a most blessed joy and one day will empower others.”  The uncle smiles and nods his head in agreement with a quick flash I add, “Dance with her; and she will dance with you.”

Bring It On

I knew that I was being reminded of who I once was.  My family did not relish in the favor of my independent strength; rather I was the last of the adage that children should be seen and not heard: the rendered statement-sit down and shut up echoing throughout my childhood.

Here is why we should enable our willful girls.  Those determined girls blossom into powerful ladies.  They are a blessing and a joy, and help others to shine in their power.

There was once a time where women were seen and not heard; in fact, there are many cultures and countries where this still occurs.

Personal Reflection

Reflect back to a moment to when you wish you had you communicated with your true voice and spoke from an authentic place, but then you did not.  Now look back to a moment when you expressed your true, authentic, powerful voice and how this felt.  It does not mean shouting or being aggressive.  This means to feel empowered and enabled.  Being able to say what you feel and not forgiving for having made a statement that resonates with your heart and soul.

An unwavering girl knows her own power and voice and she is not afraid to use it.  How is this a bad thing? Or rather is it, because you wanted your idea to be the voice of reason as the “adult” or the one in charge; hence that is a control aspect.


Step back for a moment; disempower the willfulness of a girl and now she is complacent; her voice unheard and not expressed; her shine has dulled and another has control over her.  Do you wish that to be your daughter?  This is what begins to happen in the sense of domestic violence.  DV can be emotional, mental, physical, sexual and so forth.  Do you wish to teach your daughter to release her power to another, dull her shine and diminish her sparkle or worse her life?

This is not to say that everyone should be voicing whatever pops into their thoughts, that is where wisdom comes into play.  Teach our youth, our girls how to use their voice in a positive manner. Because if they are brash and harsh this can swing into a whole other manner of aggression and isolation.  


Let’s teach our girls to use their empowered voices. Let’s help enable their strengths and authentic selves


Most importantly let us teach them their value and worth. 


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When a person feels worthy and value this helps illuminate them to a who new light and level to help this world.  Let us provide this manner for our “willful” girls who blossom and grow into amazing powerful young women.


Yes!Natasha, I would like you to help my daughter be her best!


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A Great way to begin the discussion with a young lady or a better understanding for all ages.

Oodles of Love & Magical Blessings, 


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21 Days Positive Affirmation Discovery

By  Natasha Botkin 

Gate to God's GardenIn the last few blogs, I’ve brought forward the discussion of projection and positive mindfulness. Let us be projections and projectors of love to me, to you, to we.  As we are all beautifully interconnected.

I was going through a deep healing from my divinely chosen dangerous assignment, and ladled with a deep darkness that seemed unrelenting.  During this time, I knew that I needed to create a more positive mindset, but no matter what I was choosing, it was not working.

Then, it was like the divine looked down and said, “A-ha our dear girl needs help, she can succeed.” WIth that I went on a personal discovery,  created and  found my way back to the light. Out of this moment and discovery is the 21 Days Positive Affirmations Discovery that unfolded for me.

This is an e-course that heralds writing, photography, nature, meditations and a step by step manner to help one walk with their illuminating heart and soul by releasing the negative energies, patterns and blocks that may stand in your way.

Click on the link to begin the step to discovering your radiance.

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Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings Each and Every Dear Heart, 


Ways to Attract Positive Energy Into One’s Home

by Natasha Botkin 

Positive energy flow hand

In my last blog, I spoke of ways to clear energies.  You have cleared the energies.  Now what?

  • One of the biggest ways to increase positive energy in one’s home is accepting and loving one’s self.  This not only raises the vibrational energies of your body, mind and soul, but also of your surrounding.  After all, we are energy beings having a human experience and we are what we live.
  • Be-eee Happy.  If you are living with or have lower negative vibrational energies.  This will be sent to your living environment as well.  It is like a never-ending vortex of negative energies.
  • Laugh and laugh often.  Laughter is a way to immediately raise vibrational energies into a positive state of being.
  • Provide greenery.  I do not mean, faux plants.  Bring forth living plants.  This will raise the energies and also clear the air on a routine basis.  A win-win for all.
  • Fresh flowers.  I have a bubble tea shop that I enjoy.  They get so excited when I stop by with my flowers from the farmer’s market.  Recently, I brought them flowers and the space immediately felt more energetic and their energies went through the roof with happiness.
  • Candles are a wonderful way to decrease negative energies while increasing positive energies at the same time.  The aroma of a candle is a bonus.  Many people also enjoy using Himalayan Salt Candle holders or lights.  This both clears and add energies.
  • Space is important.  Make sure that you have enough open space for you to move around.  It just may be time to declutter.  Clutter takes up space and creates a negative vibe.  One may wish to enjoy Feng Shui to help understand the free flow of a space.
  • Color is a great way to increase energy, ambiance and such.  Even if you enjoy a crisp white wall, a beautiful pink throw pillow can jazz up your sofa while increasing a positive flow of energy.
  • Open those blinds, window coverings.  Let the light in.  This will bring forth a warming moment and help you to feel sunny all over.
  • If you are able open up the windows and doors.  Mother gaia provides the most magical way to naturally clear away negative energies and allow the transference of fresh air, movement and positive energies.
  • Crystals are a natural way to clear and cleanse energy as well as increase vibrational energy.  Just be sure to clear your crystal with a dry sea salt bath, a water sea salt bath or the full moon.  (Please check and make sure that you have crystals that can handle a sea salt water bath, not all can and may disintegrate).
  • Spray your residence with a natural essential oil spray.  positive energy positive results
  • An old tradition is to place bowls of sea salt around the home; once you have left this out for the day, toss the used sea salt crystals in the garbage (Be sure to immediately take out the garbage, because one does not wish to undo what one just cleared).
  • Enjoy music.  Music does soothe the soul and will help raise the vibrations.  Now this is a peaceful, calm music; some music even if you love it, does not add positive energy.
  • Depending on the time of year, a fire in a fireplace or woodstove.  This helps to clear out the negatives, warm the home and bring forth new energies.
  • A water feature can also clear the air at the same time as adding positive energies.

I hope that you enjoy these ideas.  Happy raising the vibrational energy of your residence!

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,