Tune in for a Spiritual Cleanse

How to Tune in For a Spiritual Cleanse

Tuning in for a Spiritual Cleanse can mean many different elements.  And just how to do so can also have many meanings.  Let’s go on a discovery of ole and renew you.

Take Time for you


When is the last time that you got down to the nitty gritty of it all?  When is the last time that you made time just for you?

A sweet treasure in a pool of busi-ness…

Preparing for your Spiritual Cleanse

We are literally going to prepare to declutter your body energies. You are going to let go of and clear any negative energies that may be stuck on the surface of your body.

Gather materials :

  • Violet Essential Oil
  • Epsom Salt
  • White Candle
  • Body Puff
  • Timer (if needed)

Spiritual Cleanse Hot Bath Time for you

Enjoying for Your Spiritual Cleanse:

  • Turn off all electronic distractions
  • Place Epsom salts in empty bathtub
  • Run hot water
  • Add 3 -6 drops of Violet Essential Oil
  • Light Candle
  • Turn lights off or down low
  • Climb into Tub
  • Set intention: “Dear Divine Spirit, please help me to let go of any old, dark, negative energies that may be hidden within me.” 
  • Relax and enjoy the hot water surrounding your body.
  • If you are unable to gauge 15 mins. internally, set timer and emerge yourself in the hot violet water.
  • Close your eyes and tune into your heart.  What is your heart whispering to you
  • After 15 mins has passed, begin to scrub away the old dead cells.
  • As you do this say, “Thank you, Spirit, I am eternally grateful that you are helping me to release that which no longer serves me. So, I may see the sweetness within me.” 
  • Finish Up, Towel off in a gentle manner.
  • Rest and allow yourself a nap if you need sleep.

Brava!  Job Well Done!

If you wish to learn more about natural ways to cleanse your energy, Reiki or creative play, please contact Natasha @ Magical Blessings Healing Center.

Oodles of Love,



Natasha Botkin Magical Blessings Healing CenterNatasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling author and Shiny Gold Star Quest creator.  As a Dark Heart Teacher, she uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me https://magicalwellness17.com






Angels in the Clouds

Why There is No Separation With Divine Will

There is no separation with Divine Will as the ego would wish you to believe. A negative premise to keep you locked away from achieving your greatness.

capricious Separation

Separation can be described as an egotistic nuance of mass mischievousness.  The ego would lead you to believe that you are alone and that no one cares for you.  This is simply not true.  We are never alone, and Spirit always cares about us.

It is the disallowance of separation of Self from the small self aka ego into the acceptance of Higher Self.  Which connects us all to the Holy Trinity of our Heart, Soul and Divine.  This is capricious in nature that merely suggests that one is alone; it is the reverence to dispel and disallow this nonsense to take place.


We are taught many things in our lives.  Some is from those who love us, and some of this is from society.  All of which is outside of our Self-  our true Self.  This is where the separation can occur. A whim that seems logical, and it is completely illogical.  Why would the Divine Spirit wish for one to suffer or think that they are less?  Divine Spirit does not wish this upon us, yet more often that not, this is what occurs.

We enter into an agreement to be taught via love; unfortunately, these teachings are from those who were also taught in this manner.  The human evolution risking its soul progression and evolution into a manner that seems daunting.  An old paradigm that no longer serves us; yet, why does one stay.


In my previous blog, “How the Power of Forgiving My Ego Saved Me,” I describe how fear is the underlying notion that one cannot move, things are great just the way they are.  What we should really be saying is conditional love and expectations.

Conditional Love 

When we were younger we were taught via an old human conditioning.  If you do this, then that will occur.  For a moment ponder Pavlov’s dogs and the conditioned stimulus.  The dog was presented a treat.  The saliva would lead to drool as the dog recalled how wonderful the treat tasted.  Sit- good boy!  The dog receives a treat.  Quite quickly the dog learned to complete the sitting task with ease as it really likes the treat.

Now how is this any different from parenting.  A parent desires a certain outcome.  All parents have different cultural views; therefore they have different ideal outcomes.  If you do this, then you are rewarded with a good girl/atta boy and maybe a treat.  Through the power of control; the Free Spirit upon which you were born was reduced and dissolved into a smaller self called the ego.  This is the makings for conditioned love.  Thus, through no fault of your own, you were taught if this, then that.  Slowly the ego creating notions that can create commotion as one grows older.


Hence the human birth of expectations.  An expectation can be defined as a mental state of looking forward to something.  Expectations are a way to set one up for failure.  When you go in with a certain idea and this does not happen, how do you feel?  Failure, yet Spirit did not wish for you to feel this way.  Expectations are from the ego- aka Free Will; Divine Will does not wish you to feel this way.  Divine Will merely guides you to a solution, idea or experience; Free Will is when one loses control and the mental chatter looms into the picture.  This is almost like a dark shadow lurks on the outside waiting, searching for a way in.

AHA!  Here I go!  Victory-score one for me! (excerpt from When Egos Feed & Start in the Dark Workbook)

False Expectations

Then what seemed wonderful can turn sour.  How many times have you heard of a failed marriage or a failed experiment or even a broken heart.  The human conditioning of expectations set one up for the acceptance of a certain way, and when this does not occur, darkness of the ego separates from the Divine and the peaceful harmony of Spirit disengages and the power of Free Will takes over.

Divine Will cannot stand in place of Free Will.  It can merely suggest, hint and guide. It cannot do as it is not a doing; this is a being & Spirit will patiently wait for your return from separate expectations.

Return of Divine Will

Magical Blessings Soul Bursting ForthHow does one return to Divine Will?  Let go of the old patterns and triggers that are blocking you. There is a darkness the looms and lurks; Spirit will graciously guide you; create ways to help make suggestive moves.  For example, maybe you have stayed way too long in a job that no long serves you.  You were shown a new door way; yet, lingered way too long. You may have been fired or a new manager made your work life horrible.  Yes, this was Divine Will saying time to move along your path; but, Free Will kept you in fear and Free Will does not always mean great things.  Often times is it almost the polar opposite.

You can change your mind at any time; adjust the sails of wings and turn to Spirit and say, “Help me let go, take flight and soar.”  You may even wish to acknowledge the fear of change.  I know it is time for me to move to a new home; yet have no clue where to go.  “Dear Divine, I know my time here has concluded; yet I am frightened that I do not know where I am going.  Please show me the path to my new home and help me to silence the fears in a positive manner that respects all of my being.” and so it is.

Ask and You shall Receive

Ask and you shall receive; however do not fret, worry nor believe that it may not happen.  I had a Divine Will moment that took 2 years to manifest.  Trust me, when I say “Been there, done that.” What are you practicing? Faith and Trust in Divine Will & Spirit.  

In all honesty, I had many egotistic monstrosities keeping me from moving at one point in my life.  I finally had enough, let it go, got out of my way and the most Magical occurrences began to shift and align for me.

Believe deep in your Heart & Soul and “Seek and the  Desire Shall Seek You!” – Natasha Botkin

Yes, Natasha I would like to learn Faith, Trust and being able to Seek.


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Oodles of Love & Magical Blessings, 


Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling author and Shiny Gold Star Quest creator.  As a Dark Heart Teacher, she uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me https://magicalwellness17.com



Dancing When I Want to Hide

adams-family-love imageOne moment we are happily dancing and the next moment I am dancing when I want to hide, as my BeLoved and I are conversing about a subject.  Before I know it, the words have leaked out one of our mouths.  After all, he is comfortable in his next statement.  As for me, I am coiling backwards.  For the most part, I cannot breathe, I want to scream and I can feel.  Wait!  That’s it, I feel!  I step into my emotions and allow the feelings to flow.  My eyelids fluttering fast and furious, as I realize that the tears will come. Therefore, I will not stop them; something is happening.  I am calming, breathing, and even though I cannot look at him,  I know that I am alright.

His statement had absolutely nothing to do with me.  Consequently, it belonged solely to him, and he was not about to back down from it.  Fortunately, he is happy that he was able to express this to me; he is happy that he felt safe enough to say it to me.  What is happening?  Ugh, really are we drifting to another life, mine or his or both as this is not our first rodeo together.

OH NO!  Where Can I Hide?

As I sit and observe the world around me.  He sits with me.  Oh great, a test: mine, his or both. Really Angels, okay.  I am feeling much better then, wham, he says something else.  UGH! REALLY, WHY are you challenging me like this, is all I could think of, wait….stop thinking.    

Again I feel like crawling under a rock and hiding from what I am about to face.  A mega insecurity, and he knows it.  Darn it!   Next, I see the glint of a light shining above me; it’s the sweet angels coming and sitting with me, “Girl, you’ve got this!  Come on!  Time to Rock it Out!

No, Please Do Not Make Me Relive This!

Part of me hears a current song, “Same Old Love,” by Selena Gomez.  The other part of me is the fragmentation of a past life who wants to be heard.  “I don’t believe you left me in pieces…too hard to breath. I’m so sick of the same old love. I’m so sick of how this tears me up.”

 Oh no!

Here they come, the tears.  I allow them to flow.  As I am trying to breathe,  the past floods and fills my eyes like a cascading  waterfall.  My BeLoved sits and waits.  Does he realize what is happening?  Does he realize I am releasing both of our past lives.  Fortunately, he sits tapping his keys; he wants to get out and finish the errand, and yet, he sits.

I feel as I am flying and wondering if time has stopped, however, I see that the world around me spins.  I am in between spaces of times, the notion that past and present collide and intercede one another.  She will be heard; her voice is strong;  “I am so sick of that love…please let me leave, I cannot stay; you do not deserve my pain and anger.”  My tears flowing as to what this dear girl endured and knowing that she is finally coming into a state of peace.

With her release, she is giving me my life to a fuller, freer love.  Captivity is no more.  She is let go; free from her painful tormentors.  I say a prayer, smile at our reflection in the window.  The four of us have quite a story.  As I am returning to the present, I hear the tap of my BeLoved’s keys; one of his hands is on the door knob; he stirs.

Rocking Our World 

Rock it I did!  Inhale, tears fall and my words come forth.  My BeLoved smiles at me, we go deeper into the conversation and energetically high five one another.  No words need to be spoken; my recovery into the dance of which we are,

Score one mega hit for Me and so sorry for the insecurity that did not even belong to me; it was from another and her feelings intertwining within me.   Releasing, letting go and dancing for all to see.

Here’s the direct link for a past life healing or soul retrieval. 

Much Love and Magical Blessings, 


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