Stuck in the Muck

What Happens When One Stays Stuck?

What happens when one stays stuck even though they know that it is in their best interest to let go and move on?  It does not matter what this may be.  When something no longer serves you for your highest good, it is like a hamster running and running on its wheel.  Do you ever truly get anywhere?

Letting go instead of staying stuck

There are several things that need to happen and out of fear one may stay even though they are fully aware that it is time to move on.  This could be a relationship, job or eating habit.  You know that you need to cease, move and release it.  Yet, for some reason you may stay stuck in the muck.

What happens or rather why would one stay stuck?

For me personally this was out of ego fear that feed me pure intense lies.  I go more in-depth in the newly launched book “When Egos Feed.” Due to circumstances, I locked myself away from everyone in my own metaphoric tower which is purely irrational.  Yet, the lies that the ego feed kept me trapped, and scared to death to move forward.

What keeps most Stuck?

One giant word: FEAR.  Fear is what keeps people stuck.  We are not dinosaurs in a tar pool.  We can let go, ask for guidance from Source and Spirit or seek professional assistance.  There is no reason to halt your progression.

Releasing and Letting go

What does one need to release or let go of?  Each individual is working on their own personal growth.  So, what is for one, may not be for another.   Sometimes admission is the biggest reason that one stays stuck.

One can create tremendous healing when they are ready to acknowledge that which needs released.  This does not mean that you must have all of the answers.  Quite the opposite; the Divine will provide you with what you seek,  Via Divine Will, the call to action has been placed in motion and a galley of angels are heading to you A.S.A.P.  All you have to do is ask, and then step back.  Spirit will deliver you, the help, wisdom, guidance and solace that you seek.

Please be prepared with no attachments nor expectations.  Trust me when I say, “God is in Charge!”  I am reminded of this often.  wink wink…

Ready set Go

Be prepared to go on a self-discovery.  This could be big, small or huge.  This may even show in a way that appears to be a challenge, and yet when you step back, lessen the anxious worry, you will discover that this is for your best and highest good.

As of recent, I had a mega challenge show up for me.  When, I began to breath, hand more worries and fears over to God is when a massive healing occurred for not only myself; it also was for many others before and after me.  Imagine the relief that occurs with something like that.  I felt this all the way to my soul.  My DNA and cellular level changed; it is incredible to not carry a burden that was not even mine to bear; yet, somehow I took this on.

WOW!!  I feel so much freer!

Cast this to Spirit

It’s almost like taking whatever is troubling you.  Tossing this up in the air and walking away. With the allowance that it will make its way to Source.  You have cast this burden to Source and now get out of the way.  Allow Source to create the most wonderful way for you to become unstuck.

What is I feel that I need assistance? 

That is perfectly alright.  There are many options for you.  In fact, Source will bring these too you. Yes, please help me with one of the Shiny Gold Star Quests, Natasha.

Oodles of Love & Magical Blessings, 



Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling author and Shiny Gold Star Quest creator. As a Dark Heart Teacher, she uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves. Connect with me

What if I Wish to Play in the Dark?

What if I Wish to play in the Dark? 

What if I wish to play in the dark? Truly what would be wrong with my desire to play in the dark.  Not a thing.  Unfortunately,  there will be others who disagree.  However, they do not know my soul’s needs to express a deeper depth to my being.  I have searched for this in the light and it has not sufficed my growth.  My soul wishes to go deeper, and it is to play in the dark.

What if I Wish to Play in the Dark image

Original by Natasha Botkin

Now does this mean that I will SUCCUMB and disallow my return to the light?

Absolutely not, I am going with the flow of what I truly need.  As a result, there is a longing and knowing that a fragmentation is awaiting my presence.  It is a requisite notion of flowing from one state of being to the next.

All too often, it is all about the light, but what if this isn’t the only source of your growth and this stops you from obtaining what your soul needs and desires.

Is it bad to play in the dark? 

Define bad.  Bad is inferior or of poor quality.  Is my soul inferior or of poor quality?  No, it is not.  In fact, this happens to be the quest of where I am going.  What will happen is an deep evolution of my soul.  My soul knows that it cannot just grow in the light; it seeks more.

Take a moment and ponder this thought.  Where is a child conceived or a seed planted?  The child is conceived in the dark womb of its mother and the seed pops open and begins to grow in the dark soil.

Fear is what keeps most from even venturing into the dark.  So, much has been predispositioned that it is bad and we should fear the darkness or that things are much more scary in the dark.  Fortunately, my soul has shown me that I will be kept safe, and that without the light, I will have a new freedom to float along.  This will keep my anxieties lessened and not worrisome.

This does not mean that I will get stuck or stagnate.  In fact to run away is a way to get stuck and block the prevailed growth.

Why am I talking about it and have I lost my mind? 

Normally, I would keep a wraps on my growth.  Yet, my soul wishes for total freedom.  She wishes to freely express herself and her growth.  There is no need to hide. It is more than time to come out of hiding and feel safe and free to express this idea.

Some will disagree and that is okay.  Therefore, they are welcome and entitled to their opinions.  Will I get hurt?  No, I am divinely protected with an army of warrior angels, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalena,  Yeshua and so many more. And, yes I see the irony of it all.  The angels and are are all having a great laugh, so no worries.

Not all dark is evil and not all dark is bad.  My soul is requesting a deep exploration as to the nucleus of my core to the wholeness of the divine. Go, I shall, so I am off to see the wizard and see what awaits me in my path.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 


Natasha Publicty PhotoNatasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Energy Healer, Behavioral Specialist and #1 International Best Selling Author and creator of Reclaiming Your Power, Empower Your Words and Heart Meditative Writing. Gifted with the divine wisdom of guiding one transforming heart and soul with passion, creative play and healing energies.  Natasha works closely with  Youth & Adults  by using all the elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit) from a multi-dimensional healing of energies releasing patterns and blocks by helping one to shine their light and empower them.

Unclearing the Path of the Past

By Natasha Botkin

It all began with a small voice, “We need you.”  It seemed as if it was one voice, then the it became more evident that it was many voices complied into one small voice.

Sitting in absolute silence, the clang of a windchime, the hollows of the breeze, the voices are stronger- an ache, a pain that I did not understand.  “We know you can hear us, you are tuning in much more clearly. Please we need you, please come forward.”

A few days later, a kind neighbor asked why I didn’t request my son to help me.  I knew this was not for him.  It is for me.  He cannot partake in what I was about to go through.

My old gardening tools of the trade would not suffice.  They were not sharp enough.  To clear this path I needed a new tool.  Not to replace my Great Grandfather’s hand shears, I adore so much, rather the essence – that I needed something that would have long handles. I was about to step into something dark, big and quite scary.

To another it looks as if I am pruning and trimming an overgrown rose-bush, and I am.  What one could not see are the energies of the ladies before me.  Those who were murder for their wealth, knowledge and gifts.  For so long, violent death after violent death and they were woven into a thicket.

Let’s define what a thicket is.  According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: a group of bushes that grow close together.  If you have ever happened upon a true thicket,  then you are aware that this is thick, intertwined and one cannot simply pass through it. Rather one must chop it.

I gathered the necessary tools, thick gloves and long sleeves for this release.  The first snip was massively scary as I hear the hallow of the screams.  Screams of pain, and then delightful cheers, “She is really going to do this, she is freeing us of the pain.  In order to free herself, she has to free us. Natasha, you can do it! You were once fearless, please, please do not stop, dear girl keep going for us, more so for you.”

Each snip, clip and prick of the thorns snarled into me and catapulted my breathing into a panic. The angels and faeries surrounding me in the form of marvelous creatures.  Aww, my sweet mama jay sitting, watching me. An unknown bird ribbits deep from within the rose-bush. The animal kingdom joining me, I am not alone, I am surrounded in a container of love.

This is the rhythm that emerges. “Ouch, how could a thorn get stuck in my skin in that manner?”  Clip, snip: entanglement, entrapment,  the thicket so strong.  I have not ever seen a rose-bush grow in this manner before.  Just last year it was voluminous and shown this spectacular showing of pink blossoms where the dragonflies and ladybugs danced.

Ever so careful;  and yet, Clip, snip, “Ouch!!” Became the theme. Clip, snip gently pull the dead cane. Snip, clip, “Ouch!”  Each snip, each clip, each thorn stuck in my skin shows me the way of my past.  The dead cane a symbol of the ladies who need released; I ponder, “if I had a burn barrel,” and quickly dispose of this idea as I reside in the city that most likely had a burn ban in effect.  Plus ,there are the groans of the ladies who were burned for their gifts.

I chuckle to myself wondering where Bambi may be within the thicket.  Nonetheless, I keep going,  hours pass.  I am amazed at the difference of the size and the cane. Where it seems dead, the tips reveal growth; proving it is not as dead as it seems.

Clip, snip, “Ouch!” There is less of the ouch, and yet one thorn sticks Deep in my arm; I still have a mark, will it stay as a scar, only time will tell.  There is laughter and giggles.  The yard is filled with so many animals. The love they are providing for me, for my past, for the pain, the shame, the guilt that these beautiful ladies had to endure.  “Natasha, you are right; it’s time to get it right in this lifetime.  The gifts and medicines that you carry are amazing. We are so glad that you are fearless.”

At that moment, I set down my shears and cried, “I used to be so fearless. When did the fear embrace me. When did my kingdom become so overgrown, why am I hiding?”  Their past, my past it is all coming up together entwined, entangled as one- we are one: I am them, they are me; it is our past that needs healed.  It is time for forgiveness of those who wronged us, the mistakes we made. The worst of all me; the shame and guilt that I hid and held so deep an openly weeping wound.  The attempts to hide and keep a secret.  This no longer matters, what matters is clearing and releasing.

The ladies  dance around me, I can feel them.  They are free.  The path clear.  A dragonfly entices me with the most magical dance. The newly hatched ladybugs are basking in the sunlight.  The yard seems lighter, more open.  Then the truth; it was a mistake.  The thicket is the symbolism of confusion.  A metaphoric state of bewilderment: an entanglement ensnared in Turmoil. Due to a stressful moments in my life,  I made mistakes out of confusion. Some of this is the past lives entangling themselves into a woven thicket creating the state of confusion; some of this is my past that ensnared and entrapped me at one point.  Together we are free, our path is clear. Where I am going and what I am doing is all deliciously unfolding into a euphoric reverie of divinely magical blessings.  As my heart sings to me, “Tune in dear girl and just wait until you see and feel the wonderment that awaits you.”

May you hear the tune in your heart, clear your path and move forward in the most magical way.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,