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Reclaiming Your Power

In my previous blog Unclearing the Path of the Past, I am describing a defining moment of releasing the past. In one moment I mention that I was held by the shame and guilt of a mistake. It is not easy for me to stand here and make this statement:

I am a survivor of Domestic Violence.

The mistake that held me hostage–is me.


How could this be true?

Awwww, but it is. It took me 8 years to admit that I am a survivor of DV. It was a secret, a hidden secret. Shhh, “no one is to know, they will think less of me” is what my negative mental chatter would preach to me over and over. This helped keep me away from my power, and any attempt to be in my power would placate the essence of the hidden notion, and this created a way to dull my sparkle.

Years had passed, and few knew of this facet. A co-worker sees me crying, “Honey, what is wrong?” I screwed up, I was so scared of what had previously happened to me, that I sent what is my true love (not abusive love) away from me. It was the last thing I desired, and when I tried to apologize, the hurt I saw in his eyes bore deep into my soul. I deserve to have a real love, and yet those voices told me that I did not. This even kept me in an unhealthy work situation. All because of the mistaken shame and guilt that was dulling my shine, and the preconceived notion that people often rant, “What’s wrong with her,She could just leave.” Society’s judgmental notion of my greatest fear:

I have no voice, and I am unvaluable.  

I was hiding, from the shame and guilt of the DV, and yet I am a strong, intelligent woman; how could this possibly happen to me. They will think less of me. This began my dark secret and when I sent my Beloved away, I went into a darker state of being.  They can’t know: They will think less of me. A rant of my fears of a family who told me to sit down and shut up, I have nothing to say, and one day I did.  The Sound of my silence lessening my voice, my worth.  I was the good girl and did as I was told; I surrendered to the ill ways of the fear.  

My heart & soul calling out for me to Dive Deep, “Go deeper than ever before: go to the nucleus.” Dive I did, and when I rose to the surface, what was shown was beyond anything that I have ever seen. So, many past lives danced in front of me showing me where the lies of confusion began; all of these creating an entagnled & intertwined state of being. Forgiveness for all and especially forgiveness towards myself. I am stepping into another light, another state of being. They helped show me that others would benefit?  Once I saw it in that manner; it was too selfish to keep to myself.

This needs to shine in our world!

I am able to feel My inner peace and power.

the serenity of divine grace pulsing through my heart and soul: my true authentic voice returning to this manner of God’s Soul deep within me; I am one with he. 

I am able to forgive me; By forgiving me, the ultimate healing began

I am free.

I have the most magnificent voice.  

Most of all

I am valuable.


I was divinely called to create the program Shine Your Power.  We go on the most incredible journey of capturing the ego story. Then we will release this in a gentle manner, and finalize your healing with a wonderful way to reclaim your power.

 Yes!  Shine Your Power program.

You do not have to be a DV survivor to be provided the benefits and healing.  There are so many things that can dull one’s sparkle: any relationship, unhealthy work environments, society and so forth.  Everyone deserves to sparkle and shine,   to be in their true authentic power, and to know their inner power in a divinely graceful manner of a deep inner peace.

Let me guide you into your brightest Beaming State of being.    

Oodles of Love  and Magical Blessings, 


Natasha Botkin Magical Blessings Healing Center

Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling Author, Artist, Shiny Gold Star Quest creator.  She uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing anxious patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  Connect with me: Magical Blessings Healing Center

Unclearing the Path of the Past

By Natasha Botkin

It all began with a small voice, “We need you.”  It seemed as if it was one voice, then the it became more evident that it was many voices complied into one small voice.

Sitting in absolute silence, the clang of a windchime, the hollows of the breeze, the voices are stronger- an ache, a pain that I did not understand.  “We know you can hear us, you are tuning in much more clearly. Please we need you, please come forward.”

A few days later, a kind neighbor asked why I didn’t request my son to help me.  I knew this was not for him.  It is for me.  He cannot partake in what I was about to go through.

My old gardening tools of the trade would not suffice.  They were not sharp enough.  To clear this path I needed a new tool.  Not to replace my Great Grandfather’s hand shears, I adore so much, rather the essence – that I needed something that would have long handles. I was about to step into something dark, big and quite scary.

To another it looks as if I am pruning and trimming an overgrown rose-bush, and I am.  What one could not see are the energies of the ladies before me.  Those who were murder for their wealth, knowledge and gifts.  For so long, violent death after violent death and they were woven into a thicket.

Let’s define what a thicket is.  According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: a group of bushes that grow close together.  If you have ever happened upon a true thicket,  then you are aware that this is thick, intertwined and one cannot simply pass through it. Rather one must chop it.

I gathered the necessary tools, thick gloves and long sleeves for this release.  The first snip was massively scary as I hear the hallow of the screams.  Screams of pain, and then delightful cheers, “She is really going to do this, she is freeing us of the pain.  In order to free herself, she has to free us. Natasha, you can do it! You were once fearless, please, please do not stop, dear girl keep going for us, more so for you.”

Each snip, clip and prick of the thorns snarled into me and catapulted my breathing into a panic. The angels and faeries surrounding me in the form of marvelous creatures.  Aww, my sweet mama jay sitting, watching me. An unknown bird ribbits deep from within the rose-bush. The animal kingdom joining me, I am not alone, I am surrounded in a container of love.

This is the rhythm that emerges. “Ouch, how could a thorn get stuck in my skin in that manner?”  Clip, snip: entanglement, entrapment,  the thicket so strong.  I have not ever seen a rose-bush grow in this manner before.  Just last year it was voluminous and shown this spectacular showing of pink blossoms where the dragonflies and ladybugs danced.

Ever so careful;  and yet, Clip, snip, “Ouch!!” Became the theme. Clip, snip gently pull the dead cane. Snip, clip, “Ouch!”  Each snip, each clip, each thorn stuck in my skin shows me the way of my past.  The dead cane a symbol of the ladies who need released; I ponder, “if I had a burn barrel,” and quickly dispose of this idea as I reside in the city that most likely had a burn ban in effect.  Plus ,there are the groans of the ladies who were burned for their gifts.

I chuckle to myself wondering where Bambi may be within the thicket.  Nonetheless, I keep going,  hours pass.  I am amazed at the difference of the size and the cane. Where it seems dead, the tips reveal growth; proving it is not as dead as it seems.

Clip, snip, “Ouch!” There is less of the ouch, and yet one thorn sticks Deep in my arm; I still have a mark, will it stay as a scar, only time will tell.  There is laughter and giggles.  The yard is filled with so many animals. The love they are providing for me, for my past, for the pain, the shame, the guilt that these beautiful ladies had to endure.  “Natasha, you are right; it’s time to get it right in this lifetime.  The gifts and medicines that you carry are amazing. We are so glad that you are fearless.”

At that moment, I set down my shears and cried, “I used to be so fearless. When did the fear embrace me. When did my kingdom become so overgrown, why am I hiding?”  Their past, my past it is all coming up together entwined, entangled as one- we are one: I am them, they are me; it is our past that needs healed.  It is time for forgiveness of those who wronged us, the mistakes we made. The worst of all me; the shame and guilt that I hid and held so deep an openly weeping wound.  The attempts to hide and keep a secret.  This no longer matters, what matters is clearing and releasing.

The ladies  dance around me, I can feel them.  They are free.  The path clear.  A dragonfly entices me with the most magical dance. The newly hatched ladybugs are basking in the sunlight.  The yard seems lighter, more open.  Then the truth; it was a mistake.  The thicket is the symbolism of confusion.  A metaphoric state of bewilderment: an entanglement ensnared in Turmoil. Due to a stressful moments in my life,  I made mistakes out of confusion. Some of this is the past lives entangling themselves into a woven thicket creating the state of confusion; some of this is my past that ensnared and entrapped me at one point.  Together we are free, our path is clear. Where I am going and what I am doing is all deliciously unfolding into a euphoric reverie of divinely magical blessings.  As my heart sings to me, “Tune in dear girl and just wait until you see and feel the wonderment that awaits you.”

May you hear the tune in your heart, clear your path and move forward in the most magical way.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,


The Art of Spring Cleaning


Old brooms

As the modern home became more enclosed with doors, windows and insulation, the need for spring cleaning became more enveloped to release and clear the old smells, scents and sights of the past winter.

In many western cultures, homes have become single family dwellings.  Gone is the forbearance of the family clan where many generations lived under one roof.  So there was much more need of cleaning, clearing and releasing.

This is not to say that we should not, “spring clean.” It is that many have forgotten its true origin, and importance.

The Spiritual Art of Spring Cleaning: 


When many generations reside in close quarters, the shedding of skin, dander, hair, clothing is much greater.  The older follies of cooking over a wood fire and fireplaces to keep the hearth going as well as candlelight for the need after dark, does not have the same need for clearing this out.

Spring cleaning is also a way to clear and rid the aura, spirit, body and mind.  In the still of the winter, the soul cycles for the dark waters to recede, meditate and allow the inner stillness to guide one for the next upcoming cycle.

Thus, we dawn the spring and re-growth of the soul as the world begins to renews itself; so, too does the soul.  The ancient rituals of long ago, knew of this.  The more modern “man” forgetting its truth.

As many awaken, they are beginning to feel the need to clear, clean and release.  This can come in the form of cleaning the home.  Eons ago, whatever wasn’t tacked down was removed “beat the rug,” is an old metaphor of truth.  Release that which needs released.

Some many say this is a Pagan ritual.  It is not only of the Pagan; it is even older than that.  True, High Priestess and High Priest performing the rituals for the village, the family clan.  A known tradition that was not written down, but taught.  It was modern man, who insisted written word, but as we all know to well written words can become altered.  Do you know a true High Priestess or High Priest?  Not from a religious affiliation, but one of the ancient; as they are nondenominational and know healing and love.

The olde cleaning rituals are not only to helpclear the space and cobwebs that may have crept in during the winter for the home; this is also for the soul.

Ancient Spring Cleaning Rituals: 

  • Open the windows and allow the fresh air to come and move the energies out.
  • Sweep away all of the dirt and debris.  Sorry modern machines only add to the pollution and create an EMF noise that detracts a true spring cleaning.
  • Wash walls, the floors and the windows.
  • Using a wet rag wipe the baseboard. 
  • Take rugs, drapes, curtain outside, shake, and set for the sunlight and Mother Nature to permeate their loving light and energies.

What kind of cleaning Supplies are Necessary: 

  • Cloth rags
  • Broom,  mop –natural materials are best (cotton and corn) and/or scrubbing-brush
  • Squeegee (streak free windows and mirrors)
  • Cleaning Solution: 1/4 Cup White Vinegar, 2 Cups Water (Bottled, alkaline, fresh-no modern chemicals) and dish soap (natural fresh fragrance (with 3 drops of rose, jasmine and lavender essentials oils)
  • Bowls of sea salt

How to clean: 

  • First: Declutter get rid of anything that is no longer serving you, taking up precious space and energy.  Donate, recycle, repurpose or just plain toss.  Get rid of those old magazines that some day you will read, the old bathroom items are past their expiration date.
  • Second: Remove curtains, drapes and rugs.  Shake and leave for the Sun and Mother Nature to work their magic.
  • Third: Clean top to bottom and in a circular manner.
  • Fourth: Turn on the tunes.  Music helps uplift spirits.
  • Fifth: Take your time.  If you are stressed, then these energies will remain.
  • Sixth, involve the whole family.  This is a wonderful family bonding moment.  (hint take a small lock on electronic plugs and remove once the work is complete) Plus, kids have wonderful uplifting energies and can help make a game and play this helps the work go faster.
  • Lastly, when you are complete.  Say a special home clearing mantra.  Please bless our home with happiness, joy, peace and love.  

Tips: Use old towels and sheets to set down on the floor. This will help for an easier clean up.  You can toss these in the wash for another time.

If you are interested in scheduling a Home Energy Clearing/Reiki Session with me or learning how to complete this on your own through a Clearing the Home course in more in-depth manner.

Oodles of Love All, 


Natasha Botkin Magical Blessings Healing Center

Natasha Botkin, Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling Author and Artist. She uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns & blocks to help them empower themselves.  please contact me at  Magical Blessings Healing Center