Welcome Dear Hearts

You probably want to know who I am:

Hello, my name is Natasha Botkin MSc.Ed.Rm. I am a mom, girlfriend, and all around lightbringer.

I am a Spiritual Priestess who walks with the Masters, Angels, Spirits & other Lightbringers.

I am an Artist, Writer (#1 International Best Selling Author & Blogger),  Elementalist in Nature, Master Teacher in Spiritual & Energy Healing, Education, Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy.

My Master’s grad work was super innovative and crossed many boundaries. Yep, I earned a science and education Master’s with a Spiritual Project.   Which goes hand in hand to my life long belief  that “All things are magically possible.”


You probably want to know what I can do:

Magical Wellness 17

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As a single Autism Mama, I had to walk a quirky, unique motherhood and help my boys overcome the “norm.” I guided them to be themselves, and things just seem to magically work; but, I  did have to overcome stuff. We all do. I have discovered through Nature, Meditation, Soul Psychology, Art , Writing,  and Reiki that we can help ourselves. 

I will guide you without judgment. Let me help you remove a block, find the key to unlock your potential and  illuminate  you deep from within. Let’s create mindfulness through self-awareness.

I will meet you where you are at and guide you to let go of: anxiety, self-harm, patterns, triggers & obstacles that are blocking your success.



Magical Wellness 17

There is no one size fits all & eveveryone deserves their own plan.

 I am ready to help you mindfully connect to your heart and soul through self-awarness. 

Let’s help you feel relaxed, peaceful, confidently happy.

 I am so excited for you!



How else can I support you? 

I guide and work with all ages. There is no one too young or old for a gentle healing, re-alignment and discovery of who you are.

I am able to provide Interviews, be part of a podcast, write magazine articles, Storytelling, collaborative author and guest blogger writing opportunities, meditation Circles, retreats, fairs, and much more.

If you are looking for a Behavioral Specialist  I am available for consultations.

I look forward to meeting and working with you! 

Oodles of Love,


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